Middle School Update

For Parents
Preteens are often desperately trying to fit in with their peers. When it comes to the way they view that world, they tend to give their friends' opinions a great deal of power while, at the same time, they're starting to question their parents' views and messages. Your advice may be challenged — but it will be heard and will stay with your child much more than he/she will ever admit. Middle School years are stressful for students. Your child's mental health state is important. Being subjected to new things such as tobacco (vaping and juuling), drugs, and alcohol will be cause for discussions at home.

Reasons Pre-Teens Turn to Drugs

If there is a history of a dependence or addiction in your family, you should let your child know since he or she is at a higher risk for developing a drug or alcohol problem.

If your child has a psychiatric condition like depression, anxiety or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the chances are higher when they have difficulty regulating their thoughts and emotions.

Did You Know?

Middle school- age children are able to comprehend more complex issues regarding drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. They begin to grasp how these substances can harm your vital organs, affect your emotions, and your memory. Talking with you child(ren).