Elementary School Update

For Parents
While it may seem unnecessary to talk to young children about drugs, kids as young as five can be spoken to. Young children are not ready at this age to learn complex facts about drug abuse, but they can definitely understand the importance of avoiding things that might harm their bodies such as poisons, medicines, smoke, and more. Developing your child’s critical thinking, self-esteem, and peer pressure resistance skills are critically important if they’re going to resist drugs and alcohol as they ascend through middle and high school. Understanding how these social emotional traits fit into the realm of drug experimentation and abuse is key.

Student Use of Vape Pens

Often marketed as a “safer” alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, the popularity of vaping among students has risen dramatically in recent years due to the ease of concealed use and perceived harmlessness, especially in comparison to cigarette smoking.

Did You Know?

At this age, it is important for parents to discuss good health practices with their child(ren) . The differences between foods, poisons, medicines, and drugs are all topics we should be discussing with our children. Personal responsibility for one’s actions and how there are consequences involved with every choice they make. We are here to be your online resource on all of these topics and more!